About my PhD


I’m developing and maintaining this part of my page to go along with my PhD studies for reproducibility and to held me keep my sanity intact for the next years.

The main gist of my PhD research will be adding to the Max-and-Smooth method by Hrafnkelsson et al. (2020).

Hrafnkelsson, Birgir, Stefan Siegert, Raphaël Huser, Haakon Bakka, and Árni V. Jóhannesson. 2020. “Max-and-Smooth: A Two-Step Approach for Approximate Bayesian Inference in Latent Gaussian Models.” arXiv. https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.1907.11969.

Other materials

R package on Github

I’ve put the code and data for any modeling into an R package, bggjphd, which I keep up to date on Github

Docker Container

For reproducibility I keep a Docker container on Docker Hub that sets up an R environment and all the packages needed to run code from the bggjphd package.

Summary of my work thus far




Gather data on hourly precipitation


Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Spatial Smoothing of MLEs